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Sales Agents and Affiliates

As a authorized reseller or affiliate reseller, you can partner with one of the most trusted brands in the industry to provide your merchants and customers with secure and reliable gsm unlock codes, wireless accessories, sim cards, credit card processing, ATM machines, check cashing services, bill payment platforms, web hosting & design, and much more..

Join our team to represent any of our product lines as an Independent Agent Office or a Referral Partner.  No other prepaid or payment provider supports its agents like and its affiliated entities.

We are looking for exceptional people to join our team.’s state of the art system consists of the finest and most productive proprietary software in our industry.

As an Agent, you build your portfolio on your terms and decide where and when to sell.  We provide you more rewards for your motivation and complete control of your career path.  You will have the opportunity to acquire financial stability, while establishing your name as a trusted resource for the mobile wireless unlock, reload & top-up consumer base.  Penetrate vertical markets and reach new levels of success with the turnkey auto-generated shop and back-end portal.

Characteristics Needed:

  • Takes pride in building long-lasting business relationships
  • Enjoys selling
  • Has a strong work ethic
  • Wants more control over financial income options


Income Opportunity! Apply Here offers a competitive compensation plan to qualifying agents.

  • Commission on every transaction from every active client
  • Quarterly Sales Bonuses
  • Monthly Residuals Income
  • Rewards & Product Prize Contests

Tap into multiple lines of revenue – Take your earning potential to the next level! 

Welcome to the most profitable affiliate referral program on the Internet. is offering our affiliates up to $200.00 per referred U.S. sale! Plus, there is absolutely no cost to join our affiliate program.

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The Affiliate Program payout schedule is below. The more sales you refer, the more money you make per referral, up to $200 per sale!

Accounts referred per month Payout per referred account

  • Merchant Processing
  • Prepaid Wireless & International PINs
  • ATM Processing
  • Check Services
  • Web Design

Our proprietary tracking software uses two technologies (cookies and query strings with session IDs) to accurately tell us when a sale is referred from your web site. This means if you refer someone who leaves our web site and comes back later (up to a year later) to sign-up, you will get full credit and you will get full credit for the sale!

Our affiliate program is ideal for web hosting companies, web designers, marketing companies, and anyone with a web site or an online business who wants to make money, no matter how small the business.

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