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Application Forms

E-Check ACH Debit Application

 Service to withdraw funds electronically from your customers bank account via ACH.


Check Cashing Application

  Sign up to Cash Checks & Payroll in your store from walk in customers.


Credit Card Processing Application

    Merchant processing.  We handle practically every type of account for every type of setup.  Retail, Restaurant, Wholesale, Online, Home-Based, Mobile, Hospitality, Petroleum Pay-at-the-Pump.


New Client Application

    Use this application to apply for Web Design Services, Prepaid & International Pins/RTR Payment Portal(MobilityPOS), joining our Store Locator, or other WebPayMobile services not listed here with it’s own application.

 Wireless Dealer Codes Application

Apply for dealer codes to activate Simple Mobile, Red Pocket, H2O Wireless, Page Plus, Clear, and more.


 T-Mobile Dealer Application

    Become a T-Mobile Dealer.  Currently qualifying dealers to receive up to $35 per activation + residual on activated sims.

ATM Application

Sign up for an ATM in your store.