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MobilityPOS™ All-In-One

What Do You Get?

So What’s The Difference?
A hosted solution that will cover an array of your needs.  So not only can you access everything you need from one source on the internet, we give you the flexibility of customization based on your needs.

Our entire business concept caters to the small – mid sized retail market, with concentrations in the Cellular Wireless Industry and Various Merchant/Business Services.  We are financially invested in our vendor relations, making us a direct master dealer source.  As our business continues to grow, so does the opportunity that lie within our true Turnkey StartUp Solutions.


Wireless Solutions by Popularity Use

Business Solutions by Popularity Use

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  • Dealer Codes & Sim Cards (with residual commission opportunity) provided to you to start activating right away.

  • Prepaid PINs, International Top-Up, Real Time Replenishment (RTR) Portal for walk in customers.

  • Posters, Banners, Flyers, & other carrier marketing materials – Need more?  You’ll be able to reorder from the system.

  • Stand-alone or integrated credit card setup at no charge –  We’ll set you up with a terminal, a mobile swiper, an online account – whatever you want.

  • Integrated Accessories, Phones, & Repair Parts ordering  (coming soon)- order your inventory directly from our portal at your negotiated wholesale prices, or better yet, we allow you to use your commissions to offset your product orders.

  • Check cashing - start cashing customer checks

  • Gift Cardsbrand your business and offer gift cards to your customers

  • Business Cash Advances - Tight on capital?  Bank Loan not an option?  We’ve got a fundamentally sound solution for you if you qualify.

  • ATM processing – is there an ATM in walking distance of you?  If not, maybe now is the time to put one in your store.

  • Business Card Design, Printing, & Shipping Directly to your doorstep.

  • Logo Design – We will work with you to design and create a logo, should you decide you need one.  

  • Website Design & Customization - SEO Marketing and other services available.  See more here.

  • Free Retail Wireless Online Store - Complete with Automated Bill Pay, Automated GSM Unlocking, Repair Costs Text Notification to users, an Admin dashboard with reporting, commissions, and other functions, make money 24/7.  Make life easier on your customers and more profitable for you with automated  recurring billing for customers.  Learn more.

  • POS Cash Register System - Why spend thousands on a POS system that needs constant software downloads or updates?  Our system is an All-In-One integrated solution.  Our POS supports barcode scanners, printers, and cash register drawers.  Keep track of your costs, sales, vendors, inventory, internal reports and much more.  Implemented into our system because of a high customer votes, it’s actually a no brainer.

  • Store Locator - Get listed on our site.   Drive more of our site customers directly to your business, especially those looking to sell or recycle their mobile devices.

The end result is your option to have all or any combination of these services integrated into one dynamic setup.