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FREE Automatic Bill Pay Website!! COMING SOON!

FREE Automatic Bill Pay Website!! COMING SOON!™ retailers and online businesses can enjoy increased visits from existing customers both online and in-store, gain new customers through positive word-of-mouth, and tap into cross-selling opportunities. By selling™ products and services businesses can see their monthly profits increase substantially while adding a valuable, internationally bought product line to their inventory. It’s a win-win for businesses and consumers!


Join a technological revolution

Get access to all of the services we offer:

  • Online Shopping Cart
  • International TopUp
  • Prepaid Wireless PINs
  • Dealer Codes
  • Web Hosting & Web Design
  • SMS Notification
  • Wireless SIM Cards
  • GSM Unlock Codes
  • Mobile Repair
  • ‘Sell Your Phone’ Price Calculator
  • Support Ticket System
  • Mobile Parts & Accessories
  • Credit Card Processing
  • POS Software
  • Cash Advance for Retail Businesses
  • Check Cashing & Check Guarantee
  • Your store on our Website

….. An All-In-One Web Based POS & Payment Solution Gateway.  Once registered, you will gain access to a complete backend sytem.  Monitor and track all activity of the online store on your website.  Start taking payments online, sell various products of ours on your site, or purchase products for your business at our discounted wholesale price.   Aside from uploading onto one of your website pages, no configurations are necessary.  Our processing for payments is completely automated.   There is NO charge for placing this store on your site.    

PINs + POS + Payment Portal 

One of the most valuable features we offer to you is the ability to sell phone & international calling payments, as well as unlock codes on your website at no cost to you.  Capitalize on recurring payments from your website visitors, or lock in walk in customers to your payment system to ensure future commissions without them having to visit you again!  Having your existing and future customers purchase our automated connected services from your website will bring you cash at absolutely no additional expense to you.  Don’t have a website?  We can help design and host that for you as well.  


Reporting & Visibility

Access to a full backend system.  We manage all performance, product, and security standards necessary from a centralized system.  This means no time of investment is ever needed on your part.  We offer you our turnkey E-Commerce shop completely developed to seemlessly integrate into any website within minutes.   Log into your user panel and view all orders placed on your website.  All this, for free, along with up to a 5% commission on services that are purchased directly through your website.  No gimmicks, no catch.  We simply feel our product has a lot to offer in convenience and ease for the consumer customer.   We are happy to share the wealth.  The beauty of automatic and residual income has now been simplified.

Multiple Lines of Profit

Customer visibility, sales transactions, report analysis, multiple lines of commissions, support tickets, backend POS functionality for order and inventory management, customer data, creating barcodes, sim card activation residual, and more…..  Tools at your fingertips to track your online or in-store business.  Sell services to your customers with a website or face to face with access to our portal and earn a commission per transaction.   V
isit our opportunities and pricing page to learn more about options.  Earn cash today!




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