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Return Policy

We, at, are committed to customer satisfaction. If, at any time, you are not happy with a product you purchased through us, we will do what we can to remedy the situation. Web Site can only guarantee that the Cellular Unlock Code service will fulfill the Customers’ expectations if the following criteria are met:

The information provided on the submission form when ordering the service is 100% correct

Proper and accurate instructions for unlocking the service has been followed EXACTLY as stipulated by the carrier

The target mobile phone is not stolen or blacklisted

The target mobile phone is not already unlocked

The software of the target mobile phone has never been altered, changed or tampered with in any way

The IMEI number of the target mobile phone has never been altered, changed or tampered with in any way

The phone has never undergone an attempted unlocking with codes in the past

A refund shall not be warranted if all of these criteria are not met. will endeavor to solve any problem any Customer may have while attempting to use our service, however liability for the success of the service lies solely with the Customer. Furthermore, cannot guarantee that this service will enable the target handset to operate on any specific network. Certain handsets will only operate on certain networks. This is due to different GSM network frequencies.

A refund cannot be offered or given where the customer has paid and subsequently discovered that their handset and/or the network is not supported by our service.

In the unlikely event that the codes we provide fail to unlock a Customer’s mobile phone, will ask the Customer to confirm that the details they provided when submitting the order are 100% correct. In the event that the Customer confirms that the submitted details are 100% correct, reserves the right to seek further evidence to support the Customer’s claim that the codes did not unlock their mobile phone. This may include the Customer sending the mobile phone to for verification purposes or making a video recording containing images of the phone in question, the IMEI number on the sticker in the rear of the phone in question, the IMEI number displayed on the screen of the phone in question and the customer inserting an alternative SIM card and the resultant screen of the phone in question after it is switched on with the alternative SIM card inserted. These measures may seem a little extreme to most, however due to the electronic nature of our business, has no other way to determine whether an unlock has been successful or not.

Order cancellations shall only be considered, if the order placed HAS NOT commenced processing. You can contact first to check if your order has been processed or not.

Unlock codes issued by, for phones that turn out to be barred or blacklisted, are not eligible for refunds. A barred phone refers to a stolen mobile phone or a mobile phone that was reported ‘lost’ by the owner.

In the event that a refund is required: a refund shall be given after a deduction of 20% of the total refund amount towards card processing and handling expenses.

In case of tangible products: Tangible Goods and products purchased from Web Site which are not third party products or services and are defective on receipt can be returned for replacement. Goods found to be tampered with by the Customer will not be replaced, but will be returned at the Customer’s expense. We do not give money back; instead Web Site replaces the item or gives a credit to be used with our company. All sales on any unlocking kits are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE due to the nature of these products. Shipping costs are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Unwanted Returns: Unwanted product returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee and must have a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#). Merchandise must be in the unused condition only.

Refused Delivery: Returns falling under this category will be treated as “Unwanted Returns”, consequently they will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.  The Customer will also be responsible for the return shipping cost incurred by the action of refusing the delivery. Consequently, a store credit will be issued less 20% restocking fee of the value of the merchandise and less shipping and handling fees both ways.

Refunds will be given for tangible goods that have been returned within 7 days of receiving the product and returned in “as sold” condition. Refunds will not be given for goods that:

Are lost in the postage system and have proof of posting, this matter should be taken up with the postage service.

If the return has been received to our warehouse after the return period stated herein, it will be sent back to the Customer at their expense.

Order Verification prior to processing: In certain cases, may ask the Customer to submit a scanned copy of the form of payment and bank statement in order to completely verify the integrity of the order and to payment fraud. Due to the overwhelming fraudulent orders we receive a day we must take all the necessary precautions to minimize fraud as much as possible. We reserve the right to refuse an order, which looks suspicious or turns out to be fraudulent. Orders, which turn out to be fraudulent, will be reported to the relevant authorities to be investigated to the fullest extent by law.


Chargebacks & Payment Fraud Policy


We fight back against Internet fraud. The following policy describes how deals with payment fraud criminals. They undermine the entire growth of the Internet and online merchants worldwide. Credit card fraud or any other form of payment fraud will not be tolerated.

Attempting to dispute or deny a valid charge through your bank or Credit Card Company is fraudulent and is illegal. When receives such a dispute, this is our standard DISPUTE POLICY:

IF YOU TRY TO DISPUTE or DENY a valid charge, your credit card or checking account along with your name and address will immediately be added to a negative database. The negative database is shared by thousands of merchants on the Internet, both large and small, and you will not be able to purchase goods or services from said merchants in the future. Information in this negative database will also be reported to all three major credit bureaus within 60 days, resulting in severe damage to your credit rating.



By subpoena or simply asking your Internet service provider to reveal a suspected violator’s identity. Your Internet service provider is forced through the court subpoena process to give up this confidential information. Your ISP’s log file history will show exactly what modem and port you logged on through and makes identification through your Account Name and Password. Even AOL and other dynamic IP addresses give us the information needed to prosecute.

IF YOU TRY TO DISPUTE or DENY a valid charge, you will be sent an invoice for the disputed amount by regular postal mail. Copies will also be sent to your bank and Credit Card Company. The invoice will include the following information:

Your personal computer’s network location.

Your IP address used to complete the transaction.

The day and time of your purchase.

Proof-of-delivery verification from the shipping service.

Original charge amount plus a $25 USD fee for dispute processing.

If you do not pay the invoice within 30 days, you will be referred to a collection agency.

Our collection agency, in addition to pursuing you for recovery of the debt, will also add the collection account to your credit reports. If you do not withdraw your dispute after all this, we will sue you in a court of law with jurisdiction over this matter.


HOW DO WE COLLECT on fraudulent claims?

Liens on your property, bank account, and garnishing of wages depending on your state and country. This will also result in a report being filed with the major credit reporting agencies.

TO AVOID ANY of the above, we encourage you to contact us first for any problems with your purchase. We have an excellent track record in resolving any issues to see that you are fully satisfied with your purchase.


Site Terms of Use Modifications: may revise this Return Policy for its Web Site at any time without notice. By using this Website you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of the Return Policy.