Make sure you brush your teeth, you don't want your date to think you have bad breath. Props that make you feel soulful, frisky, and fascinating help you make those claims for yourself in your ad. Be careful, don't make the gifts too great - they'll just keep wanting more and more! You learn so much more from a person's manner and demeanor - whether he makes eye contact, her tone when she speaks, how often she smiles. Watch: Girls like watches and they want it to match with her outfits. If you had a really great time, ask her out before the date ends. Smile, make eye contact and put any distractions away. Go out there! Go up to him and ask, So when are you gonna take me out? You are going to cut through the steps of saying hi, doing introductions, and talking about the weather, before asking him for his phone number. Make sure that if you do touch her, you make it a very friendly, non sensual type touch. I had the same problem with my boyfriend. Provided she's laughing and happy about it, all is good. Does humor come naturally to you? Go out with friends of both sexes. Make sure to note about what you dislike in order to steer clear and notice unwanted traits. Go slow. Leave one in place and slowly slide your hand down her arms and over the back of her hand. You're not configuring a laptop--you and your future mate are both looking for (or at least open to) someone to get to know and make happy. Don't expect instant success. When you're at the beach looking for a potential guy, you have to make yourself feel pretty and have the confidence to go up and talk to him. (Don't over do it with the makeup). If you're in the habit of giving one-word responses, spend a few weeks ending everything you say with a question. Now,it's time to take off the bra. She'll usually be forgiving. The positive thing is that even if a relationship doesn't work out you can always learn from it. Ever felt that she absolutely loved what you did for her? Both men and best dating site women cite this trait as very important and there's good reason for it.